Intertraffic 2014 Thinking Aloud Show 2

Thinking Cities
By Thinking Cities March 25, 2014 21:53

Today Paul Hutton finds out about the new improved products from Vitronic, how Serco Integrated Transport have been absorbed into Cubic Transportation Systems, the details of AGD’s innovations and how Flir’s thermal imaging camera technologies have been introduced into what was Traficon’s products.  Meanwhile Kevin Borras investigates Nicander and finds out why Gatso aren’t exhibiting.

Thinking Aloud brings you interviews from key decision makers and exhibitors at this year’s Intertraffic 2014. Remember that, with free wifi, you can listen to this show as you walk around the Amsterdam RAI by streaming it from the Thinking Highways website or download it from iTunes.

On this podcast:

  • Daniel Scholz – Vitronic
  • Chris Bax – Cubic Transportation Systems
  • Trevor Platt – Nicander
  • Kevin Borras – Thinking Highways
  • Ian Hind – AGD
  • Timo Gatsonides – Gatso
  • Stefaan Pinck – Flir ITS

These programmes are possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of:-

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There will be new Thinking Aloud programmes every day during Intertraffic 2014.  The preview show for Thursday will be available on Wednesday afternoon/evening.

Thinking Cities
By Thinking Cities March 25, 2014 21:53