Outdoor advertising impacts cities positively, according to new report

Thinking Cities
By Thinking Cities June 19, 2015 16:58

Outdoor advertising impacts cities positively, according to new report

Out of home advertising is providing innovative solutions to help tackle the formidable pressure being placed on cities as a result of urban population growth, according to a new report, commissioned by Clear Channel Outdoor.

The report, ‘Out of home, into the city: transforming cities by engaging citizens,’ finds that governments and citizens in major European cities are recognising the positive contribution that out of home advertising can make to the urban environment.

From enhancing public transit systems to keep people on the move, to the creation of exciting new public spaces using street furniture and artworks, people are particularly positive about the ways in which out of home advertising can make cities better places to live, work and visit.

The research found:

  • 90% of people feel that well-organised public transport improves urban living a great deal
  • 83% would support greater use of out of home advertising on public transport if it improved service
  • 69% of people agreed that city-wide bike hire schemes are one of the best ways for residents and tourists to get around in busy urban environments
  • 89% of people agreed that having good quality benches and shelters in public spaces are features they expect to find in their city
  • 82% of those surveyed agreed that out of home advertising revives a city and improves its public image

Asked for their views on out of home advertising, a respondent in Dublin remarked: “It informs me of new products, services and ideas,”

A Parisian respondent observed out of home advertising “brings money to the community”, while a respondent from London said “it brings colour to the city”.

The report also draws upon expertise from leading thinkers on the future of cities from organisations including Arup, Yahoo! Labs and Gehl architects.

Notably it includes a foreword from the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, who is also currently Chairman of C40 the climate leadership group with whom Clear Channel Outdoor are partnering.

Mayor Paes affirmed:
“We are making ambitious and important pledges to our citizens: to ensure our cities grow sustainably, enabling citizens to live and work happily. Mayors and politicians need to work with business and with civil society organisations to fulfil these promises. This report clearly demonstrates how out-of-home advertising can make an important and valuable contribution.”

William Eccleshare, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Clear Channel International, commented:
“I believe that out of home advertising makes a pivotal contribution to addressing today’s biggest challenges – from enabling governments, businesses and people to engage with one another, to improving the living conditions for an increasingly urbanised population, and even tackling big issues like climate change. In doing so, we can help cities continue to drive innovation and progress. It’s pleasing that people living and working in cities share that vision.

“The challenge for us is to ensure that the inventory a city uses is high quality, that it remains effective over time and that the messages it delivers connect meaningfully with people. Our innovative digital infrastructure, that makes real-time communication possible, is one of our strongest tools. Nowhere is it more effective than in the fast-moving, ever-changing city environment.”

Thinking Cities
By Thinking Cities June 19, 2015 16:58