Thinking Aloud In The City Show 2

Thinking Cities
By Thinking Cities July 25, 2014 07:58

In this show Kevin Borras talks to electric vehicle and renewable energy expert Bert Witkamp, who explains what happened to what was once the Next Big Thing, the hydrogen car, and Kevin also talks to Rod Halstead and Ian Foddering from Cisco about their definition of a Thinking City.

We also feature a short snippet of Sylvain Haon’s fascinating interview with Rina Cutler, the deputy mayor for transportation and energy for the City of Philadelphia as she tells us just how her city is attempting to make itself as smart as possible.

Bert, Rina, Rod and Ian also feature in the forthcoming second issue of Thinking Cities magazine, which also includes fascinating pieces from Glasgow, Belo Horizonte, Dubai, London, Saudi Arabia, Chengdu, Malta, Bilbao, Johannesburg and a whole host of others. Thinking Cities issue 2 will be out in early August.

On this podcast:

  • Bert Witkamp – Valuad sprl
  • Rod Halstead and Ian Foddering – Cisco
  • Rina Cutler – Deputy mayor for transportation and energy – City of Philadelphia

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Thinking Cities
By Thinking Cities July 25, 2014 07:58